About the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game. Read the first 2 chapters of the first of the Rare Earth Adventures Buy a copy of the Rare Earth Game and have it shipped to your door. Frequently Asked Questions News, views and reviews of the Rare Earth Game Interact with a Flash animation of many of the Rare Earth Game cartoon characters
The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game Cesium Argon sleeping on the Einsteinium card
Learn how the innovative new Rare Earth Game can help your middle school and high school student learn chemistry. Fun for kids and families.  Great for science classrooms.  Discover how chemical elements combine. Iodine card
Learn how the Rare Earth Game can help you immerse students in the world of basic binary chemistry
Learn how to play the game by watching this slide show that explains the complete rules in depth. An active, social and visual treat that engages the intellect and delights the imagination. Titanium card
Hey Kids! Draw your own Rare Earth Game cartoon character and enter it in the contest - you could win an official Rare Earth Game card with your drawing on it!
There's still time to buy the game for Christmas
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