Read the Rare Earth Adventure storybook. Buy a Rare Earth Game. Get help with the Rare Earth Game News and Reviews of the Rare Earth Game. Watch and interact with animated Rare Earth cartoon characters.
Grab and Nab from your opponent's lab!
Now kids can play with atomic power. Grade 7 students playing the Rare Earth Game in Science class.
In the USA, students are lagging behind in Science compare to their peers in other countries but with the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game, every child has fun learning the fundamentals of Chemistry.  Great for Science classrooms and entertaining for kids and families, players win by combining chemical element cards.
From cute little Hydrogen to heroic Meitnerium to mysterious Ununoctium, chemical element cartoon characters are bonding together, mixing it up and raiding each other's Labs to capture Protons in this exciting card game. The Rare Earth Game is a laugh filled, shared experience that engages the intellect and delights the imagination.
Purchase your own Rare Earth Game.
Watch the cartoons.
Watch the interactive instructions.
Fun for families to play and great for Middle School Science and High School Chemistry students.

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