Additional Cards to Create the Entire Periodic Table

Niobium is sold separately

Cadmium is sold separately Ytterbium is sold separately Copernicium is sold separately
Niobium, Cadmium, Ytterbium and Copernicium are all sold separately as part of the 50-card Periodic Table Completion Pack.

When Rick Gowan and Jim MacDonald originally invented the game, there were nearly 200 cards in the deck and the game included the entire periodic table and many duplicates to make the game play properly. As they play tested the game in classrooms, they discovered that 200 cards was unwieldy and game-play would take too long to complete. The total number of cards in the main deck needed to be reduced.

After years of additional research, rule changes, and test play, the right quantity of cards in each game was determined to be 108 cards. In the final version of the game there are 57 chemical element cartoon cards, 27 duplicate chemical element cartoon cards (needed for game play), 11 special Rare Earth Icon cards, 12 Energy Cards and a promotional card. With this assortment of cards, 2 players can finish a game in less than 40 minutes; 3 or 4 players can finish even sooner. With 108 cards the game allows for fast fun and can be sold for the affordable price of $19.95.

Reducing the game to 108 cards made it necessary for Rick and Jim to leave 50 chemical elements out of the official game. Yet, many players have contacted us, wanting to collect the entire periodic table. So, you can now collect the remaining cards needed to complete the entire periodic table with the Rare Earth Periodic Table Completion Pack.

The symmetry of cards in the game is very delicate. Adding too many Rare Earth icon cards would completely alter the way the game plays; (similar to adding 50 aces to a deck of regular playing cards.) Because there are quite a few Rare Earth icon cards in the second deck, we've developed a simple rule for incorporating cards from the Periodic Table Completion Pack into your game deck.

Basically the rule is this: if you add a card from the Periodic Table Completion Pack, you must remove a similar card from the main deck. In that way your main deck will always provide you with a balanced and fun game of Rare Earth. Therefore, you always keep your Periodic Table Completion Pack separate and use it exclusively for creating your own wall-sized periodic table of Rare Earth Game cards.

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The Periodic Table Completion Pack

Plutonium is sold separately

Plutonium is sold separately as part
of the 50-card Periodic Table
Completion Pack.


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