University Science Students create uproar!

Posted: January 8th, 2012

A local pastor tells us that over Christmas his sons and their cousins came home from University.  One son is a third-year physics student, another is in second-year physics and one of the visiting cousins is in second-year sciences. 

The pastor and his wife were relaxing in the living room enjoying their Christmas tree and listening to music.  They had to turn up the stereo because of the rising level of shouting and laughter coming from the other room. Inevitably the clamour became so loud that they could no longer ignore it and the pastor and his wife strolled into the kitchen to find out what was responsible for inspiring such laughter and joviality amongst these university students.

The pastor was very pleased to discover that it was the gift he’d given his son for Christmas – a copy of the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game – that was responsible for all the uproar.  The kitchen table was covered in Rare Earth Cards!

The pastor couldn’t tell us if they were playing full university-level rules (you can’t make a compound or alloy that wouldn’t exist in reality) but he assured me they were playing the Rare Earth Game and having a fabulous time!

We’ve heard of other university science students playing our game, but we’ve never had a direct report of how they enjoyed the game.  It’s wonderful to know that university students can have just as much fun with our game as children.  We’ve designed the game rules to be versatile so that players with different levels of knowledge can be challenged by the game and this report, anecdotal though it is, confirms our best hopes.

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