Each Rare Earth Game comes with 57 Chemical Element Cartoon Cards, 27 duplicates needed for game play, 11 Rare Earth Chemical Element Cards, 12 Energy Cards, and instructions.


We regret to announce that we have sold out of Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Games for the time being and we won’t have any more in time for Holiday Gift Giving.


We thank everyone who purchased games from us this year and plan to make more sometime in 2019. We expect to sell directly through Amazon.com once we get it set up.


If you’d like to order a large quantity of games, let us know by writing to jim@rareearthgame.com.


Rare Earth Games are printed in short print runs here in Toronto. We need a print run of at least 100 games to get an order started, but a smaller order could be enough to get the presses started again.


Have a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful 2019!


The Rare Earth Game Team


Sold Out!

Rick Gowan and Jim MacDonald came up with the idea for the Rare Earth Game while watching their 8 year-old children memorizing all the minute details in their favorite cartoon character playing cards.  Rick and Jim realized that the Periodic Table offers the perfect foundation for a cartoon card game that kids would love – numbers, powers, and truly unique characteristics.  They also designed the Rare Earth Game to instill knowledge that gives children a foundation for a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  Rick and Jim took their finished game design to the Dragons' Den, and ever since the game was broadcast on TV, hundreds of parents, kids and teachers have purchased the Rare Earth Game and loved it!  We hope you'll love it too!  Please order yours as soon as you can so we can make as many as will be needed for the next print run! (Rare Earth Games are printed in Canada.)