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The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game - teacher developed, classroom tested and kid approved.
Parents: Learn how the innovative new Rare Earth Game can help your middle school and high school student learn chemistry Interactive Instructions for the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game - learn how to play by watching this slide show Hey Kids!  Draw your own Rare Earth Cartoon Character and enter it in the Contest - you could win an official Rare Earth Card with your drawing on it! Chemistry is everything.  Chemistry is the foundation of: Biology, Computers, Electronics, Genetics, Geology, Horticulture, Medicine, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals	... and more!  In other words, a basic knowledge of chemistry is not only a prerequisite for success in school, it is also the starting point for many wonderful high-paying careers.  There are 7 billion people on Earth and in 20 years there will be 9 billion.  To compete in the future, children need a solid foundation in chemistry.  With the Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game, players have tons of fun combining cartoon chemical elements into compounds and alloys, while collecting “protons” to win.  They learn through play, immersed in a fantasy world of chemistry. And chemistry is everything.
Find out about the International Year of Chemistry - the Rare Earth Game is celebrating!
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