Hey kids, draw a Rare Earth Character!

Have you ever wanted to see your art on a valid playable card?

The Rare Earth Game is having a contest.

No one has ever seen Ununseptium. We don't know what he/she/it looks like!

Ununseptium - nobody knows what it looks like!  Do you?

So here's the contest: draw what you think Ununseptium looks like and send your art to us.

If you're the winner, we'll make up, print and send you your very own limited edition,
one of a kind, official Rare Earth Chemical Element Game card with your art on it!

Oh, and here's another really fun angle on the contest, (suggested to us by Patrick G.)
If you are the scientist who discovers Ununseptium, you get to NAME it!
So don't just send us your artwork, tell us your name for Ununseptium too! (Well done, Patrick!)

This will be a limited edition of just 1 card and there will never be another card like it. A true collectors item!
The co-inventors of the Rare Earth Game will also sign a special edition 5" x 7" of the card,
suitable for framing, just for the winner.

(Remember to draw your art in a shape that will fit in the Rare Earth Game card octagon.)

Example Contest Entry:

Here is an example of the very first entry in the contest,
which was submitted by Ryan MacDonald of New Brunswick, Canada:

Ryans Example Ununseptium Card

There will be more than one winner.
All entries are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the Web site.
All entries become the property of LeapCloud Inc. and will not be returned.

Email your submission to contest@rareearthgame.com
(for scanned art, please watch your file size as some email servers will reject attachments over 1 Mb)

Please do not send original artwork as we will not be able to return it.

The contest ends on January 31st, 2012

All entries by children must be submitted by parents and include permission to publish the image and entrant's name.


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