Jim MacDonald

Radio Recordings
Examples from O'Leary Auto Group campaigns
Written and produced by Jim MacDonald

These campaigns used non-professional employee voices to make the commercials stand out.
They were designed to give a local flavor and encourage familiarity that builds relationships with prospects.

Canada's Car Mart1: (Oct. '12) Vehicle consultant, Dan Hourihan, reads a script that melds the Chevrolet Cobalt Pontiac G5 with sub-prime financing. (Raw recording without music)
O'Leary Buick GMC: (Nov. '12) Vehicle consultant, Gabe Lewis, reads a script that reminds listeners that he has been with the business for decades, providing a feeling of continuity, even though the dealership is under new ownership. (Final recording with music)
Canada's Car Mart2: (Aug. '12) Business manager, Kenda McCavour, reads a script puts listeners at ease by suggesting they come in for "a coffee and a chat". Kenda recounted hearing this phrase during incoming phone calls and drop-ins from the moment the commercial began playing on the air. The ad can be directly tied to at least 5 sold vehicles. (Final recording with music)
O'Leary Auto Group: (July '12) Advertisement for Westside Off-site Sale designed to create "on-location" feel. Ad libbed outdoors, additional traffic sounds were added after the fact. Designed to stir the excitement associated with a short term limited savings/winning opportunity. This is only one of a series of 12 ad libbed "outdoor" commercials placed in rotation so that most listeners would not hear the same commercial twice. 3-day event attracted more than 500 visitors and sold a month's worth of cars.  
If your browser does not support the HTML5 audio player, click on the .mp3 file links to the right. Canada's Car Mart 1 - Dan O'Leary Buick GMC - Gabe Canada's Car Mart 2 - Kenda O'Leary Auto Group - West Side Sale