The Rare Earth Game for Parents

CopperChances are, your children have asked to play with, or are already playing with, one of the many cartoon character trading card games on the market. The Rare Earth Game is a superior alternative to traditional "trading card" games because:

  1. Children will naturally memorize many of the cartoon characters, their attributes and the rules of the game. The fact that they're inadvertently learning the fundamentals of chemistry is an added benefit!
  2. One box of cards is all you need for 2 to 6 players to play the game. (If you like, you can buy an additional 50-card pack, sold separately, but it is not needed to play the game - it is made available for avid players who would like to collect the complete periodic table.) No additional purchases are needed to play the game.

MolybdenumThe Rare Earth Game has been designed to be a fun social activity for friends and family. The Rare Earth Game allows for different styles of play. Youngsters who crave a more aggressive game can trounce each other with fun "grab and nab" attacks. Yet, for those who prefer more polite and sociable interaction, the Rare Earth Game is just good-natured fun.

It's natural for children to enjoy learning about and memorizing a galaxy of trading card cartoon characters. For parents who want to see their children engaged in activities that expand the mind and open up opportunities, the Rare Earth Game provides entertainment and a host of cartoon characters worth memorizing! As a result, the Rare Earth Game takes away the fear that many children feel towards chemistry when they suddenly face it in school. It is our desire that many of today's children will grow up remembering the Rare Earth Game as the springboard to a wonderful career in science.

AntimonyThe game is designed for 4th Grade through middle school and early high school-aged children and you need to be at least 8 years old to play according to the official rules. However, younger children can play a simplified version of the game, as long as they're older than 3 years (for safety reasons). If playing the game with younger children, the game can be played as a simple match-the-arrows game (see "child's play" in the instructions for more information).

The Rare Earth Game helps build a foundation to a careerpath in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Success in high school Chemistry is a requirement for acceptance into STEM faculties in university – and that's where the future high paying jobs can be found.

Starting out with a solid understanding of Chemistry concepts, acquired at a young age, will go a long way to making high school Chemistry less of a job and more of a joy. And Chemistry is everything!

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